1985 f150 carburetor

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1985 Ford F150 Carburetor

Thread: '85 Ford F feedback carb needs replaced with non-feedback. Most of the emissions stuff is gone, and I would like to replace it with an earlier style Carter YFA carb that came on the earlier F's.

Issue is, every part store I talk to gives me a different part and such. Does anyone have a source or a part number that would bolt on to this motor in place of the feedback carb?

A couple part 's Holley reman I have are: and a No one can tell me the difference though and of course no one stocks the carbs to compare. I also need it to have the electric choke option. Thanks for the help!


My name is Daniel. I pretty much do what I want. Is this a single barrel? Yes it is a single barrel. I would not hesitate to put the on, that was my first thought too. But I would need a different intake manifold I think? The mounting is quite different between the two. I am not aware of an adapter to install the onto this manifold. Also I think the throttle linkage would be on the wrong side too. The throttle cable hooks on to the back of the carburator. If I could make the work, I would have to try to make the throttle cable pull from the bottom of the linkage.

You're right it is quite different. I ASSumed that the would have a two barrell carb. Navigation Menu. All times are GMT The time now is AM. All rights reserved. Copyright Colorado4x4.Display Options.

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What is this? Carburetor, Remanufactured, 1-Barrel, Ford, Each. Loading Today Estimated International Date Loading Today. You can receive a refund by returning a suitable old core. Customer responsible for return shipping on core items. Please refer to the core return instructions included with the part or contact customer service for more details.

FORD F-150 4.9L/300 Ford inline 6-cylinder Carburetors & Accessories

Length, Ford, 4. Carburetor Rebuild Kit, Holley,Kit. Accelerator Cable, Black Plastic Jacket, Length, Each. Throttle Cable, Ford, Each.

1985 f150 carburetor

Carburetor - Small Parts. Carburetor - Choke Thermostat. Carburetor - Kit. Remanufactured Carburetor. Carburetor - Choke Pull-off. Low Price Guarantee. We're so confident in our low prices, we offer a Beat-a-Price Guarantee: We'll beat our competitors' advertised prices on any identical, in-stock product proof of advertised price required! FORD F 4. Vertical Navigation Horizontal Navigation.

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1985 f150 carburetor

Warranty does not cover dirt in the carburetor. Be sure the gas tank and fuel lines are clean. Replace any fuel filter. This carburetor does not have a fuel filter. There should be one between the gas tank and carburetor. Warranty: 1 year from the date of purchase. Warranty void if dirt is in the carburetor, the carburetor has been taken apart and the seal broken, or any modification was done to the carburetor.

Replacement, or repair only, no refund. If a carburetor is returned we check for dirt and broken seal before shipping another carburetor. Warranty is voided if this carburetor is used on any application, other than what we state in our product listing. Almost all warranty problems are due to dirt getting into the carburetor. New YFA Carburetor. Questions about this item? Ask here. See 33 Questions.

Availability: In Stock. Recommended Add Ons. Total is updated in your Cart. Quantity Add to Cart. Write a Review. Email a friend. The port on the top is the bowl vent and is connected in some cases a canister, otherwise it can be left open. The bottom port is the distributor advance which is a ported advance. See this article about that. This carb can be rebuilt wit kit number K The carburetor fits only the specified applications, and includes a.Why don't fictional characters say "goodbye" when they hang up a phone?

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Unanswered Questions. EGR Systems. How do you adjust the idle on a Ford F? Wiki User Turn the Idle Adjusting screw. Idle on a Honda Civic is adjusted through a idle air control valve. This valve is located near the intake.

Adjust the valve by either loosen or tightening it. You can adjust the idle. Asked in Carburetors, Ford F How do you adjust the idle speed ford explorer?

You cant. The idle is controlled by the ecu. All Ford vehicles cannot adjust idle nor timing wich is pre-set at the factory and the computer sets the idle and timing, vehicles after no longer can be adjusted. Most likely computer controlled and not adjustable. The idle speed is computer controlled. Ford stopped manufacturing the Falcon in Hey JustinThe idle speed is controled by the ecm and is not adjustable.

Goodluck, Joe You can adjust the idle air screw. Get a haynes manual it will show you how. Asked in Ford, Ford F Why does my ford f idle rough and sometimes stalls?I had to rebuild the engine in my Ford F 6 cylinder 3 speed manual transmission pickup truck. Apparently, when I was pulling the engine, I missed disconnecting a wire going to the carburetor that involves the choke. The wire broke when pulling the engine and when I reinstalled the rebuilt engine I could not determine what or where it was hooked up before my mistake.

The F 6 cylinder has a one barrell carburetor. My very poor gas mileage and the rough idling told me that the broken wire somehow was related to the choke. I have hooked the wire back up to the choke and that seems to have corrected the problem, but I was looking for reassurance this was correct, but no one seems to be able to verify what I did is correct. It seems that Ford dealerships only work on vehicles that are 10 years old or newer; therfore, they claim to not have any wiring degrams in their computerized parts systems and that old service manuals are discarded or donated to libraries.

I have tried my larger metroplitian public library her in Dallas, but to no avail. I am mainly looking for information to confirm what I did was correct and where to obtain an original Ford manual. They are just too generic. Thanking you in advance for your perusal of my problem. Do you. I may not be much help, but I have seen some websites are there that sell the factory manuals for any vehicle you can think of. I'm sorry, I can't remember any of the website's names.

There is a website that for a price? Will give you access to very detailed wiring diagrams. I hope this helps. It's called www. Was this answer. Please login or register to post a reply. At Sea Sponsored links. Ask a Car Question.The Ford F was the first model in this line to offer fuel-injection technology.

1985 f150 carburetor

The 85 Ford F came off the line with a choice between a fuel-injected 5. Buyers could choose their engines, their cab configurations extended cab supercab was the roomiest of the 4-door setups, with 2-door cabs continuing in popularityand their options packages.

The Ford F is a powerhouse pickup with the ruggedness and durability valued on farm, ranch, and worksite. You'll find plenty of these seemingly-immortal workhorses out there today, going off-road or all dolled up by the tuner set. LOUD1 Just got one! Uinnsean Must be EFI I got a Ford F I turn the key, nothing happens, no clicking, nothing.

When I open the door, the dome lights don't even come on. I've checked the battery and all the cables to it, and they a Need to know the size of the secondary fuel tank on F and is there a fuel pump on that tank? Seems I am having same problem as a lot of F folks. Key on pumps up 2. Been running perfect and has been firing right off within a couple of seconds.

But cold I have a Ford F, I start by telling you what I have done. Replaced all the following Distrubtor Cap, Rotor,Iginition control mod, coil, plug wires, igniton relay, fuel filter x2. Still no s Average user score. Based on 23 reviews. I Love It! Updated Sep 28, by Anonymous. What's your take on the Ford F? Report smccurley I have one for sale I love it but don't know whats wrong with it.

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