Keyforge keycaps

Mech Keys Questions. Whats Your Favorite Artisan? Artisans are my favorite parts of keycaps, they are a labor of love that are unique and beautiful, and with all of these new artisans coming to Massdrop I ask. Which one is your favorite? Sign Up Log In. Sort by: Newest. Feb 8, Sep 11, Comment hidden help.

Sep 10, My favorite is the Skull Studio wavelength skull. Sep 6, Keyforge Shishi in the colorway. I didn't win the raffle though. Aug 28, MoonKey is an artisan based in Vietnam and their caps are very similar in style to some from DwarfFactory. Either way, I am extemely happy with my decision to buy from them.

Mar 18, What website or app is this? Aug 7, The centerpiece of my next build is a Dragons of Eden. Jun 22, Regarding all of the Nebula series JK questions. Those were also the first artisans I was obsessed with. There was never a sale or group buy for them. A very small number made years ago and ended up in mostly permanent homes. I managed to finally acquire one after almost a year of scouring mechmarket and other sources. It arrived and I was immediately disappointed.

They simply do not look like the pictures. I don't know if it's the scale all the pictures are close-ups or unrealistic lighting or what, but IRL, they just look like a translucent keycap with colors and sparkles swirled through.The keyboard is one-half of the way you interact with your PC. As someone who writes for a living, I spend hours upon hours pecking away at letters, trying to string a bunch of words together in a semi-coherent manner.

But my interest in mechanical keyboards started way earlier, and was borne more from my gaming habits than any practical need to be more productive. My first mechanical keyboard was a SteelSeries 6Gv2 with Cherry MX Black switches, and it was a huge step up from the mushy laptop and flimsy rubber-dome keyboards I had used before.

The best keyboards were made in the s — for instance, the iconic IBM Model F — but manufacturers had started to push more aggressively for cost savings by the s, which led to a deluge of cheap, membrane keyboards on the mass market. Fast-forward to today, and mechanical keyboards are seeing a resurgence, most notably among gamers.

Instead, their appeal lies in the sheer variety and depth of customizations they offer. Other than your more commonplace Cherry MX Browns, Reds, and Blacks, there are a multitude of switch types to explore.

These sit somewhere between Cherry MX Reds and Blacks, and have so far proved to be my favorite switch type after Topre switches. Lack of self-control aside, there truly is a lot to look forward to these days, as keyboard enthusiasts have taken to designing their own keyboards and switches and even reviving older designs.

The Halo True switch is modeled after the force curve of Topre switches, and they attempt to combine the velvety feel of the latter with the wide-ranging compatibility of Cherry MX-style stems. Then there are the Hako switches, the result of a legal dispute between Massdrop and Input Club.

keyforge keycaps

Massdrop is also bringing back Hall Effect switches in the form of the Massdrop x XMIT keyboard, which uses magnets to trigger a key press.

No problem, just swap them out. From custom sets on sites like Pimpmykeyboard.

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Let me just say that the latter is truly a work of art in its own right, and supply is so limited that the only way to get them is to know when the raffle opens so you can enter your name. Why not both? I care about three things in this world — Game of Thrones, pasta, and corgis. Oh, and I write about tech. Subscribe to the latest tech news as well as exciting promotions from us and our partners! Tags: mechanical keyboard. Blog Authors. Recent Posts. Why it's worth investing in a good audio system.

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keyforge keycaps

No New Posts Redirect Board. Forum Stats. Users Online. SMF 2. KeyCon KeyCon Moderator: jacobsmirror. New Members new to geekhack? Keyboards dome, scissor, capacitive, mechanical, buckling-spring, laser, membrane, hall-effect, etc. Child Boards : Keyboard of the Month.To an outsider looking in on the geekhack forums, the people there probably appear crazy.

Are these people seriously talking about how the material that the keyboard is made of affects sound? And are they really taking apart their switches and adding lubricant to them to make them smoother? Yes and yes. Unfortunately, I happen to also be one of the crazies. Recently, I started looking into the cost of getting a soldering iron — I hear the Miniware TS is a good starting option — and a switch modding stationso it seems like just a matter of time before I fall deeper into the rabbit hole.

But what a glorious warren of tunnels it is. Kbdfans is a good place to start, and they have a wide range of affordable cases, switches, and PCBs, complete with assembly services. The custom keyboard market is truly booming now and the number of choices you have for just about every aspect of the keyboard is mind-boggling. To my eyes, the HHKB blockers are the pinnacle of desirability when it comes to keyboard aesthetics, and the MA is a stunningly modern interpretation of an instrument that has been around since the 50s.

The Koyu Tank edition is machined entirely from a solid piece of brass and hand-polished to a mirror finish.

Some Keyforge Cards Let You Forge Extra Keys! (Win Faster!)

It tips the scales at 5. The Rama Works keyboards have super thick 4. After all, sound travels faster through denser material, which results in a higher pitch. In addition, the greater volume of material available helps dampen the sound produced. A look at the geekhack forums also reveals intriguing new designs by members.

A lot of what makes this space so fascinating is that these custom keyboards are designed by keyboard lovers for fellow members of the community. While there are larger outfits like Rama Works, you can be sure that they all love their keyboards. Instead, they have their finger on the pulse of the community and hear clearly what it wants. This board is unconventional to say the least, but POM is a hard, dense plastic that produces a distinctive, low-pitched sound that some people crave.

However, aluminum and brass options were added later in response to demand from the community. Better still, individual designers are working with each other to make their respective offerings better.

For example, nephlock teamed up with KeyForge to make Metropolitan-themed artisan keycaps, while Rensuya did the same with Rama Works. Many of these designers also have their own Discord servers, so you can hop on and talk and get help from like-minded folks. I care about three things in this world — Game of Thrones, pasta, and corgis. Oh, and I write about tech. Subscribe to the latest tech news as well as exciting promotions from us and our partners!

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Forums Main Discussion Artisan Keycaps. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Keyforge commission. Thread starter Aeryxz Start date Aug 17, Tags artisan keycap keyforge macro. Best name for this commission Pink Eye Votes: 8 Something else that's not as good list in comments Votes: 0 0.

Aeriaz Votes: 3 Total voters Aeryxz Aug 17, Hi all, Unveiling the keyforge commission that was made for me Thoughts? What would you name it? Aug 17, Really nice color scheme. I dig it. Fukyugu Aug 17, Aeryxz said:. Fukyugu said:. Fuck yeah this is sick. Let me know when your selling it. Website omegaforums. Do want Oh fuuu where's mine bru. Mcnos Aug 17, You can do personal commissions?With this recent Fulfillment Sale completed, I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to participate.

As my wife and I packed and shipped the orders, we were honestly overwhelmed with the support that we have received from nearly every corner of the planet. One individual even sent us a package full of candy from overseas, and we ate the hell out of it while packing orders. Kinder Bueno was my personal favorite. Over the past two months, I have spent over hours casting keys. My wife brought me meals to the studio and stayed up late with me every night, and she spent a ton of time washing and drying keys right along with me.

There were a lot of late nights, sleepy caffeine runs, and the sounds of me screaming into the void when Doordash kept forgetting to include plastic utensils in my deliveries. I actually used two popsicle sticks once to pick up rice, holding them like shitty chopsticks. Once production was finished, we spent a straight 28 hours packing and dropping off orders at the post over the weekend. Regional Logistics Manager sounds fitting.

keyforge keycaps

Anyway, we really hope you enjoy your keys. Thanks for letting us make them for you. While I had hoped to get them out this week, some delays had to order more materials pushed me back a couple of days. I expect to start printing off labels and ship packages starting on Wednesday-Thursday October rd.

TKC / KeyForge Collaboration Raffle

All packages will be in the mail not just label printed by October th. There will be no delays or exceptions to this deadline. I will be updating the wording of the email that comes along with your tracking, so everyone is aware of the shipping process. I made some changes to the bags that have been used this past year, and gave them a splash of color. These will be standard with all sales going forward, and I think they look a lot nicer than the previous bags, and I hope everyone enjoys them.

Also, please understand that there will be some delays on email responses during the next few days as I concentrate my efforts on shipping. Chett is still responding to address changes, etc, but if you need to contact me personally, please give me a few days while I wrap the sale up. There are only 5 of these skulls available, and the winners have been selected at random.

More details about the skulls will be revealed in the post-sale email. Production has gone really smooth over the past few weeks, and things will be wrapping up soon. I feel extremely confident about the October 6th cutoff date for shipping, and I plan to have everything out nearly a week before that date.

These kinds of challenges are good, because they help me grow and learn how to serve everyone better. New KeyForge Studio, which has been essential for creating and shipping out this sale. I moved in at the end of August when I realized that I was quickly running out of space. My daughter is now in Elementary School, which makes me feel old. Moving into a new space allowed me a lot of freedom to keep things organized and separated from my home, and mentally separate home and work. Things are on track to be shipped out on time, and I actually anticipate shipping everything a week early from the October 6th deadline.

Once I finish up production, packages will begin to ship daily in waves, starting the last week of September. This is because life moves on after a sale, and generally I have a fresh stack of responsibilities I have to tend to that conflicts with solving random order issues. Sometimes keys are lost in the mail generally international orderswhich put me short on inventory and it means I have to color match and repour keys, which can be a pain.

To solve this, I have poured a handful of extra keys in each colorway that exist for the sole purpose of handing order issues with minimal wait on your part. Shishi sticker, drawn by an awesome member of the community.These are some vendors and artists I really love and have recorded to share with everyone! See below the lists for more details about being added to this list. I will also not be listing major retailers.

Blue stars are brands I am affiliated with or thoroughly support. AuraMech — Lube and pre-lubed switches — Canadian, too! Apiary Keyboards — Content creator and build services. Percent Studio — Custom keyboards. MTBkeys — Canadian keyboard case manufacturer. ApexKeyboards — Canadian keyboard supplies. Keyhive — Parts and unique keyboard items. Deskhero — Keyboards, accessories and headphones. Here is the deal with these artisan keycaps.

These are typically done in group buys or in some rare cases, commission. Most of the smaller artists just use Reddit, Instagram or newsletters. Follow their accounts for when they release new caps or are having a sale. Space Cables — Highly recommended for custom cables. Oh hi. Still reading?

Thanks for visiting my little corner on the internet and if you enjoyed this article and want more like this, let me know. Where to buy mechanical keyboard parts and keycaps.

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